Our fungicides and bactericides are made up with organic acids and, occasionally, with inorganic acids. They are volatile products capable of either slow or rapid release to control fungi and bacteria growth. They are necessary for assure hygiene in both raw materials and compound feedstuff.

They improve microorganisms balance in silage by promoting aerobic populations:

  • Short chain organic (or fatty) acids (SCFAs) are fungicides and bactericides plus some of them are also acidifiers.
  • In ADIVIT we have been making research on medium chain organic/fatty acids (MCFAs) which seem to have a powerful bactericide activity.

Range of products


    Composición de ácidos orgánicos y flavonoides

    Blend of acids with bactericide characteristics

    Blend of acids with double action fungicide features

    Blend of acids intended for raw materials protection

    Blend of acids with both fungicide and bactericide features

    Blend of acids with rapid fungicide activity

    Blend of acids with acidifying action